Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canoeist Wife Anne Darwin Convicted of Money Laundering

The Crown Prosecution Service reported yesterday that in what is perhaps one of the most unusual of cases, Anne Darwin, wife of canoeist John Darwin was convicted today of fraud and money laundering. You may remember this story from late last year when it was announced that John Darwin, who was reported missing in March 2002, and then reappeared with much surprise of everyone except his wife who was in on the deception. Initially Anne Darwin, plead not guilty and used the plea of ‘marital coercion’, despite her plea, she was found to be guilty. Chief Crown Prosecutor, Gerry Wareham had this to say about the case:

This is a case which seized the public imagination, which is understandable since the facts as they have emerged have been unusual and at times intriguing. However, this was a serious offence of fraud involving considerable sums of money. The plot was carefully calculated to deceive the authorities, family and friends, including their own sons, who were led to believe for several years that their father was dead.

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