Thursday, June 5, 2008

FCC Official involved in Fraud Case

In an article in today’s New York Times, they shed light on a building case of fraud against one of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) lieutenant officers. Daniel Gonzalez, is the lieutenant and gatekeeper to Kevin J. Martin, who is the chairman to the FCC. He’s helped to implement and plan policies to keep broadcasters nationwide.

According to the article, Gonzalez invested in a small energy company in 2005,and joined the board in 2006. Later, it turned out that the company was a fraudulent venture, and had stolen $54 million from investors. MCube Petroleum, which was based in Seattle, was operating under the façade that they were importing oil and natural gas from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Later, when it turned out to be a fraudulent agency, Gonzalez offered to resign from the board in January of 2007. He insists he had no idea as to the fraudulent actions that were going on, and that he was deceived too. The trial is set for March 2009.

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