Monday, December 8, 2008

Kansas City: Jury Convicts Columbia Businessman for Multi-million Dollar Investment Fraud, Money Laundering Conspiracy

They just keep pouring in from all over the country--phoney businessmen taking money from the well to do and losing it with ease.

Today's report comes from Missouri where crooked Daryl Miles Brown convinced people to invest in high-yield, short term investments. He made the investments sound very enticing--claming that they weren't available to the general public. There are a bunch of losers in this scenerio; however, its difficult to feel that sorry for people who blindly put their money into schemes that seemed too good to be true. Pyramid anyone?

Daryl Miles Brown, 31, who was chairman of The Vertical Group, located in Columbia, and principal of Cerberus, Inc., located in Fulton, Mo., was found guilty of the charges contained in an Aug. 11, 2006, superseding indictment.

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