Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Fraud 2008

Not many would argue against the fact that the 2008 presidential election has been highly contested. The latest controversy that has come out of the campaign is the possibility of Voter Fraud. Some are crying foul over ACORN, while others have been reporting faulty machines that flip flop votes. With the 2000 election still at the forefront of thoughts, many are waiting with bated breath to see if voter fraud will potentially play a role in determining our next President. Fox news recently posted an article titled "Opposing Views: Could Voter Fraud Steal the 2008 Election?" The two views that they highlighted were:

1. We Should Be Worried
Voter Discrimination is the Real Fraud

What are your thoughts? Do you think voter fraud will play a role in this election? If so, then what role do you think it will play?

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