Friday, October 10, 2008

Prosecutor’s Request for Removal of Judge with Ties to Tom DeLay is Rejected

A recent news report on discusses how the Third Court of Appeals has denied a prosecutor’s request to remove Judge Waldrop from the case, someone who once had political ties to Tom DeLay in a previous criminal case involving two of DeLay’s associates.

Tom DeLay, a former GOP leader of the U.S. House, and his former associates John Colyandro and Jim Ellis are accused of illegally moving $190,000 in corporate donations through a political committee formed by DeLay to seven Texas House candidates in 2002. Tom DeLay’s attorney believes that the ruling for this case will eventually lead to dismissed charges since lawmakers didn’t add checks to the definition of "funds" in the money laundering law until 2005. Many say that the money laundering statute in 2002 applies to cash and not checks. What are your thoughts?

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