Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Money Laundering Case Against Tom Delay to be Reconsidered

DA Ronnie Earle, from Travis County in Texas, has requested for the appeals court to have another look at the money laundering case against Jim Ellis and John Colyandro, who were associates of Tom DeLay former U.S. House Majority Leader. For the original case the judicial panel had “volunteered that the state’s money laundering statute in 2002 did not cover checks,” as reported in this article. One of the justices on the panel, Diane Henson, felt that the case had not been handled correctly and asked that the panel review the constitutional challenge that was presented before the court. The panel turned this suggestion down, and as a result, Earle reacted by writing a strongly worded complaint that included some of Henson’s comments. A lawyer for Ellis, J.D. Pauerstein, responded by saying:

“It is way out of line. That sounds like it was written by a politician instead of a lawyer.”

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